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Can Preschool Children Be Taught a Second Language?

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There has been a significant discussion over the years about the relevance of teaching a second language to preschoolers or little children in general. We all are aware of the importance of teaching a second language to our children. The world is integrated more than ever and having the skills of talking in multiple languages is certainly a huge asset in today’s society. We are not only able to interact with people from a different region but it also helps in learning and integrating with a different society. Also in terms of career building, it is pretty fruitful to have the ability to communicate in different languages.  Most of the best preschools in Austin give special attention to these little kids by helping them adopt and learn a new language from scratch. It is also believed that learning the language at a young age will be a lot easier than learning it in the later part of your life. Nido Verde DI Reggio Emilia is one of the best language schools in Austin that helps in the process of early learning of the language for kids.

Language learning is a natural process when children are young

We did briefly mention earlier how various studies have concluded that it is relatively easy for little ones to learn a language than grown-up adults. Young ones trying to learn a language have a very rigid way of learning where all they do is either recite the verbs or try to memorize but when it comes to talking in the language frequently, they tend to struggle. Children on the other hand have a slightly different way of adopting and learning a language. They usually have fun while learning and this helps them to immerse into the language and try to explore the different angles which are usually not done in the case of an adult. This helps the little kids to quickly catch up with the language and find it easy once they get going.

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If a young one can follow a child-like learning method where he explores every angle of the language then it will certainly become easier to get better at it. A child during the initial 4 years of his life can speak more than 2k words while also getting to terms with various sounds. This helps them to gradually form those words to make a sentence. And all this is done with a natural process of acquiring all the learning from their environment.

Preschool years are vital years

Some of the best preschools in Austin explain the importance of the early years of preschoolers. It is the same time when the children develop the foundations of their thinking abilities, their vision, attitude, and approach toward problem-solving. So when children are at their prime of adopting various stimuli from the environment and developing their ability to learn afresh then why not introduce them to a second language along with English to help them learn it super easily?

Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia which is one of the best preschools in Austin helps in the same regard. It has a group of the wonderful staff and skilled individuals who give the right direction to the children to make it easier for them and help them at every step.


Published by Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia

NVRE is a unique Spanish Immersion Preschool, private, Reggio Emilia inspired, NAEYC, and Follows International Baccalaureate PYP program. We strive to provide multiple types of learning avenues to all our students.

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