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Advantages of Bilingual Education in Austin

bilingual schools in austin

Want to prepare your kid for the future. Enrolling your kid to bilingual preschool in Austin. Learning a second language is one of the best gifts you could give your child for the Future.

Young children are natural language absorbers. Although adults struggle with speaking skills. Children have a natural ability to learn many languages ​​consistently and simultaneously. Not only do kids learn a new language easily, but they also learn to pronounce it in the first place.

Studies have shown there are many other advantages to the exposure of a second language at an early age beyond the acquisition of the language itself. Bilingual children exhibited greater problem-solving skills, better working memory, and greater reasoning skills, among other advantages. Exploiting the Spanish language expands children’s knowledge of many cultures, stimulates their interest in other parts of the world, and enhances an understanding of many perspectives.

1. Increased Cognitive Development

Kids that know the Spanish language perform better in tasks that call for better thinking, pattern identification, and problem-solving. Young learners develop better linguistic awareness and a more complex understanding of their native language.

2. Better Academic Achievement

Bilingual student’s “brain function” is enhanced as the brain’s ability is challenged to recognize, find meaning, and easily communicate in many languages. Easily making friends, easily solving math’s problems and much more.

3. Improved Memory

The kids who learn a foreign language have good memories and are more cognitively creative than those kids who speak a single language. Research has indicated that bilingual people are usually better at remembering names, directions, and songs than those who know one language.

4. A Bilingual Education makes more cultural opportunities

A key benefit of enrolling in a bilingual school is that your kid gets to meet with an individual from different cultural backgrounds. In a bilingual school, Austin kids learn other cultures. And bilingual schools make it easy to understand the world around them. It assists to grow up more understanding, open-minded, and accept differences.

Most of the students at the Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia have no contact with Spanish although some of the children were fluent in Spanish or other foreign languages. The Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia program is not a deep experience; Instead, The Spanish are involved in events throughout the day. This method allows children to acquire natural language. If you want to Know more about Bilingual Education contact us at 512-202-8295 or visit our website.

Published by Nido Verde Di Reggio Emilia

NVRE is a unique Spanish Immersion Preschool, private, Reggio Emilia inspired, NAEYC, and Follows International Baccalaureate PYP program. We strive to provide multiple types of learning avenues to all our students.

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